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Los Angeles, California



Design Team

Alexia Chiriff

Firoozeh Gharibshahi

Lital Chason

Angie Guerrero

Ruben Rauda Henriquez

The proposal for the Matador Café was made with the specific intention of providing a relaxing space for the student community of California State University, Northridge. The aim of the café was to create an environment that students could escape to in between classes, a place where they could unwind and recharge before their next lecture. The proposal recognized the demands placed on students to balance academic commitments with personal life, and the importance of having a dedicated space to relax and socialize to help students de-stress and feel refreshed.


My contribution to this commercial project involved creating professional renderings of the interior and exterior of the café using Enscape . This was an essential part of the project, as these renderings provided a detailed visual representation of how the café would look and function once it was completed. The use of Enscape ensured that the renderings were of high quality and accurately depicted the materials, lighting, and spatial relationships of the café's design.

Concept Design

The design concept of the Matador Café is based on a unique and creative approach, taking inspiration from the California State University, Northridge's logo to create a layout in the form of a "C." This design concept was carefully considered to make the café more distinctive and memorable for the student community. Implementing natural materials and finishes was also a significant aspect of the design. The use of wood throughout the interior of the café was incorporated to convey a feeling of nature and warmth. Similarly, the selection of neutral colors for the furniture and walls created a welcoming atmosphere, while using red as an accent color on some furniture symbolized the university's color. The "C" design also allows for easy circulation and movement throughout the café, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience for students. With its inspired layout and attention to detail, the Matador Café offers an experience that is both visually striking and enjoyable.



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