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 Los Angeles, California



Design Team

Alexia Chiriff

Wendy Quintero

Ruben Rauda Henriquez

Xylipup results from a unique collaboration between California State University, Northridge's Biochemistry, Business Management, and Interior Design departments. The project aimed to create a test strip to detect xylitol, a harmful chemical commonly found in foods, in dogs through a blood test. Each member contributed their expertise and began the process for the final product. The Biochemistry team created a simple and effective blood test strip that has the potential to save the lives of countless dogs. In addition, the Business Management team was in charge of marketing the product, which included calculating the price and market size. The Interior Design team, on the other hand, assisted with designing the product's packaging and branding, as well as a visually appealing and functional kiosk design to promote Xylipup. 


My contribution to this project was to create the proposed product logo and packaging visuals in Adobe Photoshop to display professional yet appealing mockups. On the other hand, I was in charge of the kiosk renderings using Enscape

Logo + Packaging

The design process of Xylipup's logo was carefully considered and thought out. The design inspiration for the logo was taken from the silhouette of a dog, and a single line was used to create a unique and distinctive design that allows for a simple yet elegant logo conveying fluidity and movement. The branding color chosen for the logo was a blue-gray shade, which helped to give the packaging a clean and professional appearance. The blue-gray shade was selected because it was associated with trust, reliability, and responsibility, essential traits for any pet care brand. 


Following the branding process for Xylipup, a design for a kiosk was developed to facilitate the sale of the product. This kiosk design serves as a physical space where potential customers can interact with the brand and purchase Xylipup. The design is tailored to the branding identity of Xylipup, ensuring consistency and cohesiveness throughout the entire customer experience.


Sketches were a crucial resource in shaping the design of the Xylipup kiosk. The primary goal was to develop an environment that perfectly integrated functionality and beauty while giving customers an outstanding experience. Therefore, every detail of the design was carefully considered to ensure that it not only fulfilled its intended purpose but also captured the essence of the brand and left a lasting impression on customers.

Concept Design

The Xylipup kiosk was created with the shape of a dog's paw as inspiration. When viewed from above, it is easy to see the physical construction of the kiosk, which comprises of four distinct seats arranged in a certain pattern to depict the digital paws (1), and the support pillar, which forms the metacarpal pad (2).

The support pillar forms the metacarpal pad.



The Xylipup kiosk includes seating for customers to watch informative videos on a big screen.

The four distinct seats arranged in a certain pattern depict the digital paws.

The pillar of the Xylipup kiosk serves as a merchandise area where customers can get t-shirts while visiting.

The curved screen in the Xylipup kiosk provides an interactive feature where customers can watch videos about how the test works.


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